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Welcome to Boho Birth Collective!

I am Lucie, founder of Boho Birth Collective. I am passionate about supporting you through pregnancy and once your baby is here too.

I am an excellent listener and will hold space for you to offload. I don't rush in to 'fix' things as sometimes you don't want an answer you just want to be heard. But if you do want some suggestions I am happy to help with my qualified hat on for various things or sign post you to others if needed.

I will not judge you. So if I'm supporting you in your home do not worry one jot about what you, or the house looks like! If you do a course with me then you show up how you feel comfortable.

I love to help. Which is why I do what I do. I thrive from helping and supporting. Whether that be via my Hypnobirthing classes informing you with all that evidence and science based information or postnatally as a postnatal doula physically and mentally supporting you in those newborn (or not so newborn) weeks.

I am not biased. Yes I have raised 3 children and have my own style of parenting but I am here to help support you in gaining confidence to trust your own instincts and parent in a way that's natural to you. So it may differ to what I did and it may differ to what your friends or family did. And that is fine! You are finding your own unique path for you and your family. Same goes for birth. I adore homebirths but if that's not your jam then that's totally fine.

I am a qualified teacher! So that means I know how to impart information and explain things in different ways to different people as we all learn differently. I am relaxed and calm and I like having a mix of styles when teaching. So my classes have interactive elements (not for you to do embarrassing things don't worry!), humour, time to listen and digest, relaxation and more. I promise you won't get my teacher hard stare either! I save that for my children!

I am here for all types of birth, all birthing people and all families.

Love, Lucie x   

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