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Transition - what's it got to do with birth?

Seth had his transition day at school on Friday and Martha had hers today. Both were excited to go in and see friends again and their new teachers, who both have actually had before and loved so that's great.

They were both a bit nervous too and I could sense the atmosphere in the car was a mix of nerves and excitement. Which I am certain will be the same in September for them going back, with mine added in too! Plus Merryn will be starting nursery two days a week so it will be 4 lots of nerves and excitement in the car in September.

Transition periods can be full on and a whole mix of emotions but they are temporary. Sometimes the period can be longer than others for sure as it depends what the transition is from and to. But it's not fixed, it is a moment, and that's what we have to remember.

The feelings that are brought up aren't always welcome as it puts us on edge, makes us feel shaky, unsure and like jumping out of the situation at times. The adrenaline is pumping and we can feel a bit sick. Sometimes it gets so much and the situation is such that we can change our minds and just not do it. Mostly though, we have to see it through.

Birth is one of those situations that we see through, there's no changing your mind once you're at the transition period of labour! Luckily this transition period is normally short.

It can definitely be the time when you feel you can't do this anymore, just get the baby out, give me all the drugs, I want to go home, partner this is all your fault, get away from me, no come close to me, I love you, I hate you etc!!

This is all a good sign though especially if you've been relaxed and in your zone as this can mean that baby is on it's way imminently. So spotting transition period signs can be really useful and then using tools to calm and relax again for the last bit of labour. That adrenaline burst can help to be a boost of energy too.

I use my Hypnobirthing tools to help with all the transition periods of life and share them with the children too. See life skills again! Not just for birth!

So acknowledge those feelings of transition, then use your tools to relax as best you can. I'll be sharing a little calming video with you on social media later in the week so look out for that.

If you are pregnant and want to learn more about these tools and the rest of the amazing Hypnobirthing goodness then message me for more information or check out my website

Love, Lucie xx

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