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Louise and Richard and the birth of Sophie

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So many of my friends had tried hypnobirthing, a couple of them had had very traumatic births previously, and every one of them said how it changed their experiences for the better. All said they wished they had done it with their first child so I did not want to miss out. I wanted my experience to be as happy, fear free and positive as possible.  I was so grateful when a friend recommended Lucie. 


The sessions were relaxed and informative. We laughed a lot and learned a huge amount about the birthing process, and how we could adapt our hypnobirthing skills to any type of birth. I was not able to have the water birth that I wanted due to complications during my pregnancy, so Lucie ensured that we had all the techniques to apply it to any situation. I felt empowered to speak up for myself, to ask the right questions and to ensure I had an experience that was right for me and my baby even though it wasn’t the one I had envisioned. 


The breathing and relaxation techniques we learned were invaluable. You don’t really learn them anywhere else so I am so pleased we had our hypnobirthing sessions. 


My partner was a great source of strength and support throughout the birth and I attribute that to the fact that he had been on the hypnobirthing journey with me. He knew what to expect, he knew my birth preferences and he was able to talk me through every stage and keep me calm and focused. 


I am so pleased we had Lucie as our hypnobirthing coach and I now recommend her to everyone. 


Louise Higginbotham

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Firstly I’d say to any bloke, give it a chance. The name Hypnobirthing doesn’t sell it very well and really describe what it is. It is about having a positive experience, about knowing what’s going on and being able to help. Friends of mine have felt terrified and out if control when trying to support their wives through the birth but I quite enjoyed the experience. I felt that I knew what was going on and I felt that I was able to be supportive. 


I would never have read the books but having the personal coaching sessions really helped. 


Richard Wakelin

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Liz and Jonathan and the birth of Alice


We met Lucie early last summer when it suddenly dawned on me that my pregnancy wouldn't last forever and there was going to be a birth!

I started looking around for information, techniques and options for our birth and the wellbeing of our baby. I had heard of the term hypnobirthing but didn't really know much about it. I assumed I was too matter of fact to even consider anything with the word 'hypno' in the title, but I am so glad I gave it a go.

We had private sessions with Lucie at home. These sessions included presentations, videos, props for demonstration and the most amazing bit; relaxation meditations with breathing exercises. Admittedly i'm not someone who finds it easy to enter a deep state of hypnosis or relaxation but with Lucie's calming influence and manner I found myself feeling very relaxed.

Lucie understood us, she personalised classes to suit us as a couple and our plans for birth.

The positive birth affirmations became my best friend, I listened to them whenever I could. I was excited to give birth they gave me such a sense of empowerment.

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After a perfect pregnancy, I found myself fast approaching 42 weeks pregnant, my planned delivery had to change, thanks to our amazing coaching we were able to process and adapt our plans. At every stage when things unfortunately didn't go our way we used our BRAIN to make decisions. 

Lucie gave us valuable information which allowed us, together with the midwifery team, to make informed decisions about potential induction, labour and ultimately a caesarean section.

I cannot recommend Lucie and her course enough, every pregnant woman and her partner should meet with Lucie - you will not regret it.

We look forward to doing it all over again in the future, Thanks Lucie. 

Field of Chrysanthemums

Lucie was our hypnobirthing instructor recently and we would highly recommend her. She made us feel at ease, used activities, the odd game, videos, breathing/relaxation techniques and reading material to coach us through our journey. I would have read every book but I know my partner would not so it got him engaged and travelling the journey with me. It’s also helped us to navigate through our choices with the hope of having a positive birth experience and has enabled us to ask our midwife more informed questions. So many of our friends swear by hypnobirthing and all have said they did it with their second birth and wish they had done it with their first. We were lucky enough to find Lucie and look forward to putting all the knowledge she has empowered us with in to practice within the next month with our first baby. Thank you

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